NextGrid™ is the exclusive licensee of the Green Turbine™ for combined heat & power (CHP) systems in North America. The company has developed a leading edge CHP system
    in the 1-15 KW (e) range for residential and small commercial applications based on the Green Turbine™.

    The Green Turbine™ is a game-changer in the micro CHP market. It is based on
    proven technology that has been around for 150 years and is completely emission free.
    According to the Environmental Protection Agency CHP catalog September 2014 report
    on CHP technology, steam turbines have the longest life cycle (up to fifty years) and the
    lowest operating cost of 1 cent per KWH. No other CHP technology on the market today
    can come near this.

    NextGrid™ CHP systems are affordable with ROIís unseen in any competitive product
    on the market enabling us to offer consumers and small businesses real, affordable
    energy independence.