Alternative electricity generation with low CO2 impact
    is almost exclusively associated with solar and wind
    energy. Both energy sources have the disadvantage
    that supply is completely independent of demand.

    The low carbon energy landscape will alter greatly
    with the introduction of small scale (micro) CHP systems.
    These systems can kick-in when solar and wind are not adequate. Micro-CHP is the real on-demand, high efficiency, low carbon building block that will be the
    ideal supplement for wind and solar.

    Together with a “Smart Grid”, micro/mini- CHP can be a game changer for the power industry, as it enables a switch to decentralized power generation.

    One of its advantages over competitive systems is that the Green Turbine™is capable of converting low temperature waste heat (200 C) in usable heat and electricity. The turbine has a high overall efficiency when used in applications which require both heat and electricity, such as (micro) chp installations. This makes the Green Turbine™ the ultimate choice in such applications The energy part, which isn't converted to electricity, is available for heating or cooling. As such, Green Turbine™ powered heaters enable any home or small business owner to produce 100% of their heating and hotwater needs at a huge savings while generating up to 80% of their electricity needs, free of charge, plus also simultaneously reducing their CO2 emissions by a staggering 50%.