"Since November 2011, we have been operating a Green Turbine™ under some of the harshest
    tropical and desert condition on earth. Each area
    of operations, from the rainforests of tropical northern Australia, to the Desert regions of the outback have been conducted with the unit completely exposed to the elements and operating
    at temperatures regularly above 50 degree centigrade, with humidity's from as low as 10%
    up to nearly 100%. At every stage the little Green Turbine™ continued to operate as per the specifications and never showed any sign of failure. Although by the time the last test had been completed in early April, it had begun to leak vapor, it must be born in mind that we ran it under conditions that it was never intended to operate and it functioned flawlessly."

    Consequently we are including Green Turbine™ in our future products and designs and can recommend this product to any organization. It is quite simply the toughest turbine we have ever encountered."

    Simon Pointer, CEO of Kashima Industries

    Kashima Industries performed tests with the Green Turbine™ 1.4 kW under harsh climate circumstances in Australia. As a result of this project, Green Turbine™e is mentioned in a patent that has been granted to Kashima Industries in Australia.