The GREEN TURBINE™ 15kW is the largest output steam turbine in our current product range.

    It is a small light weight turbo generator, that delivers heat and electricity with a relatively high
    effiency. The turbine runs on some 20 to 40 C superheated and thus dry steam and
    works in a condensing mode with a vacuum in a closed loop system together with a steam

    With our 15 kW it is possible to modulate depending on the available steam. The turbine has six nozzles,
    each nozzle can deliver 2.5 kWe.

    Starting price for The GREEN TURBINE™ 15kW is 16.950 EURO, EXW Sprang Capelle,
    the Netherlands.*

    GREEN TURBINE™ sees great potential for this model in the waste heat market.
    We can offer (custom made) systems to be used in shipping and on digestion sites
    for competitive market prices and with a favorable ROI.

    The return on investment time in the shipping is 2.6 to 3 years.
    For digesters the ROI starts at 4.5 years.

    For more information see this page or contact us

    15 kW SKID

    The 15 kW Green Turbine™ skid is equipped with a proprietary management system that automatically adjusts the output to the available steam quantity. This enables modulation of the turbine without sacrificing efficiency. This function is especially valuable in waste heat applications where we see wide variations in available steam. The management system guarantees always maximum output.

    The 15 kW Green Turbine™ is built on a
    complete skid (excluding steam generator). The skid will be offered fully assembled
    with turbine, PLC, vacuum pump, vacuum vessel, inverter, condenser, feed pump, rectifiers, speed control, piping,
    fittings, flanges, steam valve and coil and amp and voltmeter.

    An estimate of the skids dimensions is:
    1000x750x2200 (L-W-H) mm.

    Starting price for The GREEN TURBINE™ 15kW skid
    (without inverter) is 37.000 EURO, EXW Sprang
    Capelle, the Netherlands.

    Completed with inverter prices start from
    41.250 EURO, EXW Sprang Capelle, the Netherlands*

    Lease options are negotiable.

    *Prices are indicative and may vay