Our turbines are highly suitable to be used as training equipment in institutes of technical education. Due to the small weight and compact size of the Green Turbine™, our units are well suited for students to gain learning experience in the field of steam turbines. Steam technology is currently making a comeback, but we have found knowledge of this technology is still rare nowadays.

    We have made it our mission to re-introduce the technology of steam back on the market.

    Two of the companies that have succesfully integrated a Green Turbine™ 1.5 kW in a steam turbine training set are the Turkish company Deneysan and Swedish educational set manufacturer RIB.


    Deneysan's training set converts vapor pressure and rate of steam into mechanical energy. At the same time it converts mechanical energy into electrical energy with the help of the Green Turbine™ 1.5 kW installed at the top of equipment set.

    Please contact Deneysan for more info about the
    training set.