AE-GROUP at every stage of your electric system development or production!

    AEGROUP has more than 75 years experience with the manufacturing and distribution of electrical motors
    and actuators, ranging from greenhouses to military,
    automotive and aerospace applications.

    AE-GROUP supports our partners with:

    • Design and supply of electric drives consisting of power electronics and electric motors,
      magnet assemblies, magnetizers and consultancy.
    • Advice, selection, training, design and / or manufacturing of advanced electromagnetic
      solutions, e.g. magnetic assemblies, electromagnetic sensors, coil design and energy
    • Fully automated electric drive test benches with complete logging system and accurate measurements.
    • Electric motor components and prototypes, e.g. ferrite magnets, NdFeB / SmCo magnets,
      motor laminations and coil assemblies.
    • Motor electromagnetic and thermal design software.